I will share with you my unique experience of meditation. I call my method “ARIKA” because its exclusive to me and can happen through me to you.

I have been travelling for many years searching and all right teachers came to me approached me and they knew they must share their wisdom & gifts with me.

I have experienced meditation in the most extraordinary locations & places like sitting at the rocks all by myself by Pacific Ocean, meditating on the top of the mountains, meditating at night in the dark between the mountains with incenses and candle, meditating on the beach sunrise and sunset time & anywhere I can to practice my perseverance and patience.

I have been teaching for a while however most of my students have been recommended to me by previous students who have felt the benefits or I have been guiding my friends to this everlasting happiness.

I have been asked to do some group meditations in California, Hawaii & Europe and we all had wonderful experience. I got beautiful letters from people thanking me which made my spirit delighted.

Meditation is a specific action with no action involved. Its a state in which you allow your body to absorb specific information, its almost like updating your laptop, now you see how important it is to do it for yourself as well. Its allowing your body to adjust and come back to natural state so you can feel kind of reborn each time you do it, you may not see it but believe me its happening behind the scenes of your imagination. Health benefits are further then you can imagine no mention about stopping the process of ageing. People think I’m young girl but I’m mature woman, I just chose to behave freely different, nobody needs to know if you are wise or not, right people will see it through your eyes no matter how much you laugh or how much you have childlike attitude. Its nothing wrong with that. That is call Kundalini awakening signs

♥♥♥ A regular practice of meditation has a profound effect on the mind and one’s awareness and consciousness. Regular practice calms down the restlessness of the mind, and therefore, makes it possible to experience, and become aware of something, which is beyond the scope of mind. Thoughts are like clouds that hide the sun, or like waves that make it impossible to see the bottom of the lake. When the mind becomes calm and there are no thoughts, you can see things that your thoughts and constant mental activity hides. You become aware of your real essence, the consciousness that is beyond the mind♥♥♥