Once a great friend said to me “Our ideas are woven together into a magnificent tapestry exploding with artistic beauty!”Nitanee Paris

Spiritual Psychology is concerned with the health of the individual’s soul. This soul-centered approach believes that when the love is applied to hurt we heal.”  Practically applied, SP uses other psychotherapy approaches in progression. It helps a person become aware of a recent upset, ride the emotion back in time to the root of the matter(its core), communicate with that portion inside that is fixated, and apply love into it.

Many of us practise some “self-counseling” skills innately already. Listening with an open heart, asking for clarification, and probing around options can help the majority of people get better. Further, learning how to work with deep-seated emotional wounds can also be masterd if one learns the proper structure. To get started, all it takes is the human skill of compassion to heal deeply seated wounds that may have been there for years.