• Why Meditate?

    Why do we meditate. We meditate because this world of ours has not been able to fulfil us. Take peace, for example. The so-called peace that we feel in our day-to-day life is five minutes of peace after ten hours of anxiety, worry and frustration. All the time we are at the mercy of the negative forces that are all around us -jealousy, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and despair.

    These forces are like monkeys. When they get tired of biting us and take rest for a few minutes, then we say that we are enjoying peace. But this is not peace at all, and the next moment they will attack us again.

    Its only through meditation that we can get lasting peace, divine peace. In the morning if we have meditated soulfully and received peace for only one minute, that one minute of peace will permeate our whole day. And when we have meditation of the highest order, then we get really abiding peace, light and delight. We need meditation because we want to grow in light and fulfil ourselves in light. If this is our aspiration, if this is our thirst, then meditation is the only way.

    If we feel that we are satisfied with what we have and what we are, then there is no need for us to enter into the field of meditation. The reason we enter into meditation is because we have an inner hunger. We feel that within us there is something luminous, something vast, something divine. We feel that we need this thing very badly, only right now we dont have access to it. So our hunger comes from our spiritual need.

    If we enter into the life of meditation in order to escape from the world and forget our sufferings, then we are doing it for the wrong reason. If we enter into spiritual life cause of outer frustration or dissatisfaction, then we may not remain in the spiritual life. Today I have failed to satisfy my desires: so I am dissatisfied with the world. But tomorrow I will say, ” let me try again. Perhaps this time I will get satisfaction” But after a while, we will see that the desire-life will never satisfy us.

    We will realize that we came from the Vast and will want to enter into the infinite Vast. This is aspiration

    Spirituality cannot be achieved by pulling or pushing. We cannot pull down spiritual Light by hook or by crook. Only when it comes down on its own, on the strength of our aspiration, we will be able to receive it. Otherwise, the light will descend beyond our capacity or receptivity, and our vessel will break.

    How do we receive this Light from above? How do we expand our consciousness so that our receptivity will increase? The answer is meditation. Meditation does not mean sitting quietly for 5 or 10 minutes. It requires conscious effort. The mind has to be made calm and quiet; at the same time it has to be viligant so as not allow any distracting thoughts or desires to enter.

    When we can make the mind calm and quiet, we will feel that a new creation is dawning inside us. When the mind is vacant and tranquil and our whole existence becomes an empty vessel, our inner being can invoke infinite Peace, Light and Bliss to enter into vessel and fill it. This is meditation.

    If you have achieved something in your meditation, your friends and colleagues are bound to see something pleasing, soothing, beautiful, enlightening and illumining in you. Peace, Light and Bliss have enter into you through your soul, and from the soul they have entered into your physical consciousness. The higher and deeper your meditation and the more you have recieved, the more your face and outer being will radiate and glow. After you have finished meditating, just go and see yourself in the mirror and you will see the difference between what you are now and what you were an hour ago. This obvious physical difference is due to the fact that your physical consciousness is manifesting the light from your soul.

    Even as you walk along the street, you will be spreading this light. Its like a perfume that you keep right inside you. You are not actually using it. You are only keeping it, but its offering its fragrance. At that time, the world of aspiration and even the world of suffering, depression and despair will definately see something in you. And it will try to follow you – sometimes with reluctance, sometimes with joy, sometimes with greed…

    From The Writtings of Sri Chinmoy

  • New month & New Start – The Spark of Life

    ” My soul, is in charge of my glowing deeds.

    My heart is in charge of my soaring feelings.

    My mind is in charge of my transforming thoughts.

    My vital is in charge of my flowing energy.

    My body is in charge of my striving life.”

    Consciousness is the spark of life that unites each one of us with the universal life. Without consciousness, everything is a barren desert. When we enter into a dark place, we take a flashlight to see where we are going. If we want to know about our unlit life, we have to take the help of consciousness.

    Consciousness is like a ladder. You can go up and down the various rungs. If you can meditate deeply, each plane of consciousness will present itself before you. The first rung is physical body. The second rung is the vital. The vital is a term used in Indian philosophy. It embodies emotional, aggressive, and dynamic qualities. The third rung is the mind. Above the mind is the spiritual heart. Its in the spiritual heart that one feels the” quickening” of the soul. The soul knows no birth, no decay, no death. Its eternal. Its immortal.

    Before taking human incarnation, the soul gets an inner message about its divine purpose on earth. Its fully conscious of its mission. But during our lifetime, the workings of the physical mind may sometimes cover up the divine inspiration of the soul and its true purpose. Then the mission of the soul cannot come forward. Only if we aspire with the mind, heart, and soul can we learn the purpose of our existence here on earth.

    From the writings of Sri Chinmoy

  • LOVE love love…TWIN FLAMES

    Its common to earthy lives and circumstances to radically alter when the Twin Flames need to come together. In order to break open to Spirit, to burst the Heart and The Higher Heart open to extremely high frequencies of light, the individuals must both undergo significant life changes and the breaking down of all or much of the existing structures. This process sometimes happens at the same time for twinflames; often its seen that one Twin undergoes the breakdown and awakening pattern first, and the other one follows later.

    Its very common for one Twin to be holding more concentrated and distilled forms of Light in the energy bodies before the other one awakens to Spirit. Therefore, is necessary for the Twin that is more developed spiritually (do not be tempted to let your ego make a judgment about this) to provide a directional torchlight for the other one.

    Your Twin may need you to be sending light, faith and strength to them right now. Its a challenging experience  for those Twins who do not understand quite what is happening to them as they prepared to have their life turned upside down through this Divine Connection. It most likely will threaten all their ideas about who they are, who they love, what they are doing in their lives, why they are here and who they are supposed to be with.

    Spirit is in the process of sending potent rays of awakening light to many previously unconscious, unawakened Twins who are ready to reunite. Many are being shocked and almost electrified into the process. Nothing will make sense for these individuals for some time to come, because they are receiving awakening  codes and being prepared for living their Spiritual….

    If you would like to read more go to : http://oneluckyducknd.tumblr.com/

  • Meditation with Lisa in Regent’s Park 10.07.2017 London

  • DO IT OR NOT DO IT ! NEW YORK example in it


    To be a modern-day renaissance man or woman

    Whenever friends visit my hometown, New York City, I warn them “Never ask anyone driving in a subway for directions” – Just because you will never get where you going!

    Most Big Apple subway riders know only 2 things about the subway: where they get on and where they get off. They know nothing about rest of the system.

    Most people are like NYC strap-hangers when it comes to their hobbies and interests. They know their own pastimes, but all others are like unvisited stations..

    My unmarried friend Rita has a bad case of bowler’s thumb. Every Wed night she is bowling up a storm with her friends. She is forever discussing her scores, her averages, and her high game. Another single friend is into white-water rafting. He talks endlessly with his paddling friends about which rivers he’s run, which outfitters he’s gone with, and which class rapids he prefers. Thinking my two single friends might hit it off, I introduced Walter to Rita&mention their respective passions….During the deafening silence, I remember thinking, if Rita had run just one river, If Walter had bowled just one game, their lives might be different now. Conversation could have flowed, and who knows what else might have flowered.”


    This technique is salvation from such disappointing encounters. It will transform you into a modern-day Renaissance man or woman who comfortably can discuss a variety of interests.

    Scramble therapy is, quite simply, scrambling up your life and participating in an activity you’d never think of indulging in. Just one of every 4 weekends, do something  totally out of your pattern. Go kayaking, if you normally play tennis this weekend. Go fly a kite! Why? Because it will give you conversational fodder for the rest of your life. From that weekend on you will sound like an islander with all the hikers, stamp collectors, ballooners, birders, billiards players, kayakers, and kitists you ever meet. Just by doing their activity once.

    You will never be at a loss again when the subject of extracurricular interest comes up – which it always does.

  • 1 raz po polsku! Alfa Beta Theta a medytacja :)

    Fale mózgowe dzielimy na :

    Fale gamma – najszybsze; czesto wystepuja w czasie reakcji na mocne bodzce.

    Fale beta – szybkie, charakterystyczne dla naszej codziennej aktywnosci; pojawiaja sie wskutek stresu w formie negatywnej, czyli niepokoju, badz pozytywnej, jak na przyklad podekscytowania, w stanach podwyzszonej czujnosci lub koncentracji, lub wtedy, gdy jestesmy szczesliwi i zadowoleni.

    Fale alfa – pojawiajace sie w stanie pozbawionej napiecia uwagi; dominuja, kiedy myslimy bezobrazowo, pograzamy sie w zadumie lub jestesmy rozluznieni i gleboko zrelaksowani. Zmniejszaja one swa czestotliwosc, gdy zapadamy w sen. Towarzysza nam w pierwszych fazach medytacji – kiedy koncentrujemy sie na oddechu lub na mantrze.

    Fale theta – rzadko pojawiajace sie w normalnych stanach czuwania. Charakterystyczne dla pracy naszego mózgu, kiedy tracimy swiadomosc w momencie zasypiania. Fale te moga wystepowac równiez w czasie marzen na jawie i przy czynnosciach wymagajacych wysilku intelektualnego, pozbawionego napiecia.

    Fale delta – charakterystyczne dla bardzo glebokiego snu.

    W czasie badan przeprowadzanych w Menninger Foundation dowiedziono, ze przejscie od fal beta do fal alfa oraz potem do fal theta odpowiada przechodzeniu na wyzsze poziomy swiadomosci w czasie medytacji. Tak wiec – mimo iz poglebianie kolejnych etapów medytacji prowadzi do wzrostu swiadomosci, kontroli i zjednoczenia – charakteryzuje sie takze coraz mniejszym pobudzeniem naszego centralnego systemu nerwowego. Im wiec wyzsza swiadomosc w medytacji, tym mniejsza aktywnosc naszego mózgu. Przeklada sie to bezposrednio na zmniejszenie niepokoju u medytujacych. Procesowi temu towarzyszy ciag reakcji fizjologicznych, takich jak spowolnienie oddechu i brak potliwosci. Mimo zuzycia przez nasz organizm mniejszej ilosci tlenu, ilosc odpadów metabolicznych w naszej krwi spada, co swiadczy o wiekszej wydajnosci oddechowej.

    Nauka takze dowiodla, ze medytacja stymuluje specyficzne reakcje chemiczne przebiegajace w mózgu. Aktywnosc neuroprzekazników krazacych pomiedzy neuronami staje sie bardziej efektywna, co jest prosta droga do usprawnienia naszego umyslu.

    Medytacja rodzi subtelne, dlugofalowe efekty. Osoby praktykujace medytacje wykazuja w badaniach wieksza integracje we wszystkich aspektach codziennego zycia: zmniejszenie niepokojów i lepsze radzenie sobie ze stresem, zmniejszenie spozycia uzywek, wieksze zrozumienie, samoakceptacje, poczucie sensu i radosc zycia.

    Medycyna alopatyczna potwierdza takze korzystny wplyw medytacji na zdrowie. Medytacja obniza cisnienie krwi i powoduje zmniejszenie u osób medytujacych zagrozenia chorobami sercowo-naczyniowymi. Sprzyja remisji arteriosklerozy oraz dusznicy bolesnej i ma wplyw na zmniejszenie poziomu cholesterolu. Zapewnia nam tez mniejszy poziom hormonów stresu we krwi. Usprawnia cala gospodarke hormonalna.

    zrodlo – internet

  • Meditation in Greenwich

  • Mantra of Wisdom

    A leads to the insight that the essence of all things is unproduced.

    RA leads to the insight that all things are pure and free of defilements.

    PA leads to the insight that all dharmas have been “expounded in the ultimate sense.”

    CA leads to the insight that the arising and ceasing of things cannot be apprehended because in reality there is no arising or ceasing.

    NA leads to the insight that although the names for things change the nature of things behind their names cannot be gained or lost.

    These are all important concepts in the Perfection of Wisdom, although to say they are concepts is a bit limiting — really they’re attempts to describe the indescribable nature of reality.

    Manjushri is a Bodhisattva who represents wisdom. Along with Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani, he is one of a trinity of family protectors. The family that Manjushri protects is known as the Tathagata family, which includes the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, as well as Vairochana, the central figure in the Five Buddha Mandala.

    “Tathagata,” the name of Manjushri’s family, means “The one thus gone [to Nirvana]” or (because of the ambiguities in Sanskrit) “The one thus come [to this world]” and is an epithet of the historical Buddha.

    Of all the Bodhisattvas, Manjushri has perhaps the closest association with the Buddha, and could be said to represent his genius (in the sense of his attendant deity) or daimon (attending spirit or inspiring force).

    Manjushri is depicted as a beautiful young prince, usually said to be sixteen years old. His freshness and beauty represent the fresh way that the awakened mind sees the world. While the unelightened mind typically sees life as being ordinary, to those who are awakened life is magic, extraordinary, and full of potential.

    The name Manjushri means “Gently Auspicious One.” He is also known as Manjughosha, or “Gentle Voiced One.”

    Like most Bodhisattva figures, he is seated on a lotus flower. Because the lotus grows from mud in often foul water, and yet remains unstained, it is considered to represent the purity of wisdom, which can exist in the midst of delusion without being affected by it.

    Manjushri’s most distinctive emblem is the flaming sword that he holds aloft in his right hand. The sword symbolizes his mind’s ability to cut through the fetters that bind beings to the cycle of delusion and suffering.

    The flames suggest that the sword is not a literal one, and flames in Buddhist iconography invariably represent transformation; Manjughosa’s wisdom does not destroy ignorance in the conventional sense, but transforms it into Wisdom.

    In Manjushri’s left hand is his other characteristic emblem: the stem of a lotus, which bears a book. This book is the Perfection of Wisdom, which is both the source of his realization and a concrete symbol of it. In the Manjughosa form the book is held to the heart.

    There are numerous other variations of Manjushri, some of which go by different names. For example he is sometimes seen riding a lion, or holding a bow and arrow.

    Manjushri features prominently in many Perfection of Wisdom texts. He makes a late appearance in the Lotus Sutra, and is particularly prominent in the Vimalakirti Nirdesa. Both of these are early Mahayana sutras. However he is most often found in the later Perfection of Wisdom Sutras, where he is, in effect, the Buddha’s spokesman. In some of these sutras, the dialogues that Manjushri has with the Buddha are so intimate that we can get a sense that we are hearing the Buddha thinking out loud.

    Manjushri is associated with ordinary intelligence and mental accuity as well as transcendent Wisdom, and his mantra Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih is said to confer intelligence. Shantideva, the author of the great Bodhicaryavatara (“Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life”) is said to have gained his wisdom by communing with Manjushri by night, while appearing by day as a slovenly and lazy scholar-monk.

    Some scholars believe that Manjushri has his origins in a Ghandharva (celestial musician) called Pancashikha, who is found in some early Pali texts. the name Pancashikha means five-crests, and has a correspondence with Manjushri’s epithet, Pancaciraka, “Possessing Five [Hair]-Braids.”

    Being a musician, Pancashikha is also “gentle voiced” and is praised by the Buddha for the quality of his singing. Both figures are also involved in question-and-answer sessions with the Buddha, and both are generally depicted as eternally young, although this is so common a quality that it’s not in itself persuasive.

    Manjushri is often known as Kumarabhuta (“Youthful Being”), although he does also manifest in some texts as an elderly man. His quality of having eternal youth (sometimes despite appearances to the contrary) symbolizes the eternal freshness and spontaneity with which the enlightened mind approaches life.

    source: http://www.wildmind.org/mantras/figures/manjushri

  • “Heaven on Earth”

    “If man would recognize the creative power of his own thought, and pursue beauty and harmony with the same determination for as many years as he has dedicated to poverty and suffering, he could transform the past and his own destiny. The world would be Heaven on Earth.

    You can only improve or control the quality of your thoughts if you know how to raise the quality of your Being.

    Man, as he is, cannot ‘do’ unless he understands that all planetary evils and individual miseries are none other than the dramatic result of his own destructive inner states and negative attitudes.

    So as long as man is ruled by external circumstances he will never be able to see where all the violance of the world is coming from.

    The world is your mirror. Anything coming from the outer world breathes with your breath, everything is as alive as you are.

    There is nothing in the universe that is not you.”

    Thinking is Destiny


  • Mouna Farm

    Mouna is the sanscrit term for “Inner Silence”

    Mouna Farm is a very unique place in Hawaii, Oahu Island. Its a vision of a special sadhu & excelent artist in a rare Copper Art – Sooriya Kumar. To meet him is a great honor for everyone. He received special award this year for  “Living Treasures of Hawaii”

    More about Sooriya – He is known for his copper and granite artwork and woodwork that is displayed around the world as well as locally in the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Centre. For more then 30 years, Sooriya has endeavored to give back to Waianae community.

    When he was 21 his father, a village political official, was assassinated in front of his mother in their home in Sri Lanka. Sooriya escaped to India, joined a group of Hindu holy men and embarked on eight-year journey through India, Himalaya, Germany and finally Hawaii.

    Sooriya established Mouna Farm Arts &Cultural Village, a 5 acre property that features an organic farm that raises fruits and vegetables to feed the needy. The area also supports tree cultivation and provides community&children a place to explore their inner artist and farming skills. “He embodies the philosophies of forgiveness and healing and he connects with others through self-reflection.

    He takes life experiences and transorms them into mantras for compassionate change and unconditional love.”

    He created art including  the Coat of Arms for His Majesty King Tuheitia, Maori King of New Zealand; a cooper bowl to honor U.S. Sen. Daniel K. Akaka at his retirement reception and creating a surfboard to honor surfing legend Buffalo Keaulana. ” I see the beauty of art in its purest form,”said Kumar, adding, “since we are all connected to nature, we are all nature.”

    Mouna has a lots of exqusite parts for meditation and spiritual practice. Amazing huge Bodhi tree is a must see! Yes the same one under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Worth to mention all meals that are prepared on farm are vegetarian! For special dinners for which people are coming not only from Oahu, but other parts of the World to be so lucky to feel the special atmosphere that is contained in each and every meal prepared by Sooriya himself or by wonderful people that helping him to cook only vegetarian.

    Sooriya msg for people: