• From Agnes after my healing

    ” During first meditation with Arika while sitting in meditation posture I felt need  to lie down so I did (Arika said before that can naturally happen so Arcturian energy can come through). Plenty of colors start appearing infront of my eyes mainly violet flame color. Then I felt cold so I lie down under the blanket. Constantly I had a feeling that once I’m consciousness in my body and then I was out of my body flying. My body was vibrating and I felt pain in the areas that I had my problems. Arika’s beautiful voice was so helpful and soothing through all meditation. With the next meditation group session I’ve felt colors again with mainly violet color. Again I felt to lie down so I did. My body felt heavy so I was out of it again.Then I felt so peaceful & happy that I didn’t wanna open my eyes after meditation.”

    Thank You Arika so much for the greatest experience and healing !

  • Testimonial by Kalpesh Patel

     Arika… Your energy is always so positive and inspiring. Keep healing the world with your work as an angel in this world, we are few and need to stay close when we find others like us. Keep shining that bright light of yours onto the lives of others and let your own life thrive with possibility and transformation honey. Love and Success Always Kalpesh Patel x


  • Testimonial by Damian Drazek from “Ucieczka do Raju”

    Arika is an incredible person with an amazing and spontaneous energy, always giving 100% of herself to her friends and clients. I’m happy to have her as a friend, and I’m happy that there are people like that in this world, but sad that only so few hehe. Always smiling and always giving positive energy to the world.


  • Testimonial by Kris K.

    From the first time I met Arika I felt that she is a unique person that crosses all the norms and boundaries of surrounding World. She has warm attitude and great wisdom. She has ability to listen and give valuable advice. She has lots of positive energy and meditations with her give a lot of joy and peace of mind and soul. Definitely I recommend her meditation sessions to anyone looking for personal growth.

    Kris K

  • Testimonial by Marcin K

    I can tell with a razor blade certainty that Arika is full of wonders. She holds some kind of innate vibrational frequency of love. She’s ultra sensitive and has very unique psychic, intuitive abilities. I’ve experienced some spontaneous changes in my aura only by listening to her… it’s hard to describe frequency so I might say…she’s a natural uplifter, extremely bright person, born healer paving the way to the New Earth and through the frequency of love she brings the Light of Oneness. I believe she represents the New Golden Age of Peace. You can learn from her…love, happiness, the right attitude and it’s never enough… she’s infinite.

    Thank you Arika you are such a Light Marcin