• Movement, Loads, And your DNA

    “Allow me to share with you my favorite tree- mechanic factoid: Trees are shaped by the wind. Seriously. I mean,tree genes specify the primary shape and color and texture of tree. These genetically determined outcomes help a biologist classify a tree as a redwood or a manzanita,etc. – but its is the movement of a tree, specifically the all-day, every-day stimulation created by wind, that dictates the girth of a tree’s trunk and branches as well as how often and at what angles a tree branches. Doesn’t that just blow you away? ( What I find most interesting about this is, how does a tree store this mechanical input? Trees grow so high and for so long, they have to store the mechanical information in a way that allows future growth to capitalize on mechanical input. WHERE IS THE TREE’S BRAIN?


    After the plant- mechanics-and-genes refreshment break, lets talk people and genes. If you attended high school in the last hundred years, you were probably presented with a cellular model that basically states that a cell’s nucleus contains all the information necessary for cellular replication, with the genetic information (DNA) determining a cell’s behaviour. Thusly the state of every tissue( made up of cells) and every organ ( made up from tissues) and every system (made up of these organs) is dictated by our genes.

    But as the trees have just shown us, genes are not that simple. Scientists have observed that a person simply having a particular gene doesnt automatically create a particular outcome…The fact that identical genes can behave differently depending on environment has led to an emerging field of study called epigenetics, a branch of biology studying how a cell’s environment can affect the behaviour of the cell itself.

    A gene is a specific sequence of DNA on a single chromosome that encodes a particular product. Many people associate genes with the concept of pre-determination, and will use these terms interchangeably, as in,” The doctor said my bad knees were genetic,” or ” Research shows that cardiovascular disease is genetic.” But using the term genetic in this way is at best outdated and at worst totally paralyzing to the person with the issue.

    It would be more accurate to think about genes as “range- setters” of an outcome. Your genetic constitution is not a picture of how you going to look now and in the future. Rather, your genetic makeup is like one of those disks you put in a View -Master – a plethora of potential outcomes for you to select by toggling on the View- Master’s lever.



    Source : Move Your DNA Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement – Katy Bowman, M.S.

    Photography by Guy Corbishley