• VISION & Destiny

    ” You always encounter the same events because nothing changes in you!

    Like attracts like.

    A particle of paradise moves towards paradise, a particle of hell towards hell”

    According to Lupelius philosophy our states of Being attract the events that correspond to them, and events cause us to return to those states. Only the will can stop this endless circle, this never- ending mechanical game and break the hypnotic cycle in which man’s existence is circumscribed. Thought is creative. Thought creates. Events are manifastations of our thoughts, of our states of Being.

    Therefore, states and events are the same thing. States are produced in the Being of every man and events manifest themselves in his life, over time, and seem to originate independently of his will. In reality we are the ones who have intensely invoked them and unconsiously created them.

    Whether positive or negative, a man’s thoughts are always creative and they will unfailingly find a way to materialize. Our thoughts, like hand-written invitations, sent and then forgotten,attracts events that correspond to them. In due course, when we are no longer even thinking about them, circumstances, meetings, events, problems and accidents, downfalls and failures, knock at our door like unwelcomed guests with a secret and longstanding invitation nevertheless. Only neglect of our states of Being, which are the true cause of such events, makes them appear to be sudden and unexpected.

    No external event can happen to a man without his consent, albeit unconscious. Nothing can happen to him without it first passing through a filter of his psychology.

    What we then call facts, events, experiences and all manner of occurrences in one’s life are states of Being which are already marching towards those who are in tune with them. Inner states are external events just waiting for the right occasion to manifest.

    The quality of our emotions, the breadth of our thoughts and the states of mind that we experience this very instant will decide what will then become visibly manifest and the nature of the events that will materialize in our lives.


    Existence is our own invention and as such depends on us alone.

    This is how a man by studing himself and changing his way of thinking and feeling, can transform his horizontal, temporal existence.

    We need to learn how to turn our vision upside down.

    Whatever men normally percieve as difficulty and misfortune,

    whatever they curse and try to avoid at all costs,

    in actually the most precious material for transforming their psychology of death into a psychology of life.

    Life through this world is a Scool for Gods.

    Confusion, doubt, chaos, crisis, anger, despair and pain are all propitious conditions for growth.

  • Heal your darkness by sending light!

    A man who observes himself, who laughs at himself, is FREE

    If you are confused, observe the confusion in you and you will be free.

    Self-observation is self correction.

    If you were capable of observing your hell, it would disappear; your healing would be immediate and it would be communicated to the whole world.”

    “People work, plan and accumulate with a strenght and an energy that you could describe as tenacity. But its only fear…

    Volleys of adrenalin, like electrical storms, constantly dart across the dark universe of their cells.

    These man and women seem to be very busy, confirmed idealists or determined businessmen, but in actual fact they are loyal to death and their names appear on her payroll.”

    Source – The School for Gods

  • “Heaven on Earth”

    “If man would recognize the creative power of his own thought, and pursue beauty and harmony with the same determination for as many years as he has dedicated to poverty and suffering, he could transform the past and his own destiny. The world would be Heaven on Earth.

    You can only improve or control the quality of your thoughts if you know how to raise the quality of your Being.

    Man, as he is, cannot ‘do’ unless he understands that all planetary evils and individual miseries are none other than the dramatic result of his own destructive inner states and negative attitudes.

    So as long as man is ruled by external circumstances he will never be able to see where all the violance of the world is coming from.

    The world is your mirror. Anything coming from the outer world breathes with your breath, everything is as alive as you are.

    There is nothing in the universe that is not you.”

    Thinking is Destiny


  • Every thought recorded in eternity…

    ” Our most insignificant action, perception, thought, gesture and facial expression is recorded in eternity.” He told me that the way we live every moment, like a frame in the film of our lives, signals a heightenning or lowering of Being and attunes us to everything that will happen to us.”

    “A man cannot hide!..Here with me you stand alone facing existence…Here there are no political affiliations or trade unions. When you enter this room you cannot bring anything with you from your past, not even the lie of your name or role in life. Here you are alone facing yourself…”

    “Stop being afraid and stop hiding! There is a part of you that has to die because its absurd. This death is your great opportunity. Only you can do it..”

    “If you work tirelessly and for as many years as you have spent damaging yourself, one day will split open. A tunnel will open up and guide you to the part of yourself that is the most real and true..a part with which sooner or later every man must reconnect: his dream.”

  • Mouna Farm

    Mouna is the sanscrit term for “Inner Silence”

    Mouna Farm is a very unique place in Hawaii, Oahu Island. Its a vision of a special sadhu & excelent artist in a rare Copper Art – Sooriya Kumar. To meet him is a great honor for everyone. He received special award this year for  “Living Treasures of Hawaii”

    More about Sooriya – He is known for his copper and granite artwork and woodwork that is displayed around the world as well as locally in the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Centre. For more then 30 years, Sooriya has endeavored to give back to Waianae community.

    When he was 21 his father, a village political official, was assassinated in front of his mother in their home in Sri Lanka. Sooriya escaped to India, joined a group of Hindu holy men and embarked on eight-year journey through India, Himalaya, Germany and finally Hawaii.

    Sooriya established Mouna Farm Arts &Cultural Village, a 5 acre property that features an organic farm that raises fruits and vegetables to feed the needy. The area also supports tree cultivation and provides community&children a place to explore their inner artist and farming skills. “He embodies the philosophies of forgiveness and healing and he connects with others through self-reflection.

    He takes life experiences and transorms them into mantras for compassionate change and unconditional love.”

    He created art including  the Coat of Arms for His Majesty King Tuheitia, Maori King of New Zealand; a cooper bowl to honor U.S. Sen. Daniel K. Akaka at his retirement reception and creating a surfboard to honor surfing legend Buffalo Keaulana. ” I see the beauty of art in its purest form,”said Kumar, adding, “since we are all connected to nature, we are all nature.”

    Mouna has a lots of exqusite parts for meditation and spiritual practice. Amazing huge Bodhi tree is a must see! Yes the same one under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Worth to mention all meals that are prepared on farm are vegetarian! For special dinners for which people are coming not only from Oahu, but other parts of the World to be so lucky to feel the special atmosphere that is contained in each and every meal prepared by Sooriya himself or by wonderful people that helping him to cook only vegetarian.

    Sooriya msg for people: