INSIDE or OUTSIDE yourself ?

Every man is the sole artificer of his asigned reality. The world is a large screen on which we project the ghosts of our life

Outside ourselves, there’s no force, bit known or unknown, natural or supernatural, that can influence our destiny…Whatever the events of our life may be, they cannot manifest themselves without our consent...

Do not believe that this world exist outside of yourself. Try to realize that all that you believe to be coming from ‘out there’ starts instead in yourself and nowhere else. Your recognition of an inner cause responsible for all that happens outside yourself makes evil, sufferings and death totally disappear from the earth.”

Source :The School for Gods Recounted by Stefano E.D’Anna

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  1. Hilal Yildirim /

    My dear sister, what an awasome website you have with all amazing lines and pictures ! I wish you the best on your spiritual journey with full of love and light. Keep doing the best work ever ! Love you lots xxx Hilal

  2. arika /

    Thank you Hilal for wonderful words.Thats so kind of you to take time and write.Lots of Love x

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