”We all go through it.  We all know it is necessary in our lives.  We all know it is the basis for self growth and expanding the horizons in our lives.  It is CHANGE.  It can be scary, it can be fun, it can be emotionally draining and yet emotionally stimulating.  In essence, it can be, no it is, what you make it to be.

    Either way you approach it, change can certainly be overwhelming.  So here are some quick tips on how to best manage change.

    1.  View the change in the most positive light you can.

    2.  Stay active, exercise, put yourself in a position of feeling great about yourself, and confident.

    3.  Focus on one main task to accomplish at a time related to your change event.  Focus on one main goal until it is accomplished.

    4.  Simplify your life and eliminate the non-essential during this period.

    5.  Exude kindness to everyone.

    6.  Create a positive daily routine for yourself that is aligned with positively affecting your change event.”


  • “Your Beauty” my friend’s poem

    When I see you,
    It is like rain-drops on a rose bud
    It is like the sun-light on a just opened blossom
    It is like witnessing a butterfly drinking nectar from
    a flower
    I know it is your beauty, with which my eyes can rest
    When I hear you,
    It is like a peacock hearing the lightning thunders
    It is like a bird singing in the tropical jungles
    It is like my own soul is calling me from within
    I know it is your sweet voice, with which my ears can sing
    When you touch me,
    It is like have been touched by hands of a sage
    It is like an ocean of love poured into my heart
    It is like a first rain-drop on a desert plane
    I know it is your precious being, with which my existence can live