• Power of Chichen Itza!


  • Meditation with True Mayan Shaman 19 March 2015 in Cenote!


  • Exquisit TRIP to MEXICO 14 th of March- April


    14 – Landed in Cancun, went to Playa Del Carmen straight from the airport. Around Sunset time reached destiny. Beautiful place by the beach.

    15 – sightseeing Playa Del Carmen

    16COZUMEL– took prom to this island, snorkling here was nice experience, 2 pyramids here…

    17 – spend half day in Playa then went to see Puerto Morelos

    18 – Check out the first hotel, went to Valladolid City after 11, around 3h away

    19 – Check in 3rd hotel, dropped the luggage went to EK BALAM pyramids by taxi only 100 peso with return(around 25km away),meditation in sacral cenote with true Mayan made my day and trip more significant before even I’ve seen Chichen Itza, I was already connected to all Mayan spirits & culture cause he transfered it to me by third eye!He was true shaman!Healing was powerful

    20 –  Left Valladolid went to CHICHEN ITZA pyramid with suitcases,  left them in special place for that, after seeing Serpent they closed the place so went to check in a hotel 3 km by Pyramid,then went back to see show on pyramid at 8pm, that was unreal!

    21 – Seeing special IK KIl Cenote by our hotel,had a refreshing healing swim in it, went to city Piste (little village)buy lots of souvenirs there

    22 – Thought of going to Merida, but went again to see Pyramid Chichen Itza. Great decision it was!

    23 – Morning check out and via Valladolid  went to Tulum, 1km walk to see the beach at night via cute jungle

    24 – 1st day on the beach in Tulum finally little relax after all  those trips

    25 – Went to see Zona Archeologica Ruins in Tulum, amazing place with ancient beach

    26– Doing unexpected yoga shoots for magazine with Kajetan Kay Gora and Mateusz Maga from Poland

    27 – Check out from hotel but stayed in 6th hotel, went to beach in Tulum, meditation on the beach,received blessing from the rain, admiring lightenning on the beach

    28 – seeing COBA pyramid, climbing it twice bare feet, amazing jungle all around, cool feeling to be there, returning to Playa Del Carmen (7th hotel)

    29 – Special Day seeing two cenotes close to Tulum, great swim deep down on the stone inside cenote name ARIKA was written first time! Went to Akumal then to CANCUN

    30 – 1 day in Cancun, amazing night, lovely ocean, best views and water to swim…

    31CANCUN -gorgeous day on Playa Tortugas, close by amazing RIU Hotel

    1 April – Sunrise and long 4h walk, seen all coastline in Cancun, beautiful beginning of special month

    2 April – Sadly but peacefully took flight to London at 4pm, met wonderful people from Argentina at the airport

  • CHICHEN ITZA – SERPENT on 20 th March

    ” On the afternoon of the Equinox the Feathered Serpent descends in a glory of shadow and light down the great pyramid, signaling the most auspicious time to plant the essential and most revered food staple of the Maya, corn. This event is one of the most dramatic displays of Mayan astronomical knowledge encoded into architecture of any Mayan site. “

    I’ve been there I saw it I know its REAL!

    What a LUCK that in last minute clouds went away and made it 1h awaiting for it worth it coming to Mexico especially for that!

    serpent Beauty