If you want to experience abundance on all levels, then be about the business of extending love in many creative ways. And include yourself in the nurturing love that you offer. If you want to experience poverty, then extend no love and be devoted only to getting more money and stuff and laying up stores for your own selfish separate purposes.

  • Special Beginning just after NEW MOON:)


  • Testimonial by Kris K.

    From the first time I met Arika I felt that she is a unique person that crosses all the norms and boundaries of surrounding World. She has warm attitude and great wisdom. She has ability to listen and give valuable advice. She has lots of positive energy and meditations with her give a lot of joy and peace of mind and soul. Definitely I recommend her meditation sessions to anyone looking for personal growth.

    Kris K

  • Testimonial by Marcin K

    I can tell with a razor blade certainty that Arika is full of wonders. She holds some kind of innate vibrational frequency of love. She’s ultra sensitive and has very unique psychic, intuitive abilities. I’ve experienced some spontaneous changes in my aura only by listening to her… it’s hard to describe frequency so I might say…she’s a natural uplifter, extremely bright person, born healer paving the way to the New Earth and through the frequency of love she brings the Light of Oneness. I believe she represents the New Golden Age of Peace. You can learn from her…love, happiness, the right attitude and it’s never enough… she’s infinite.

    Thank you Arika you are such a Light Marcin

  • Thoughts on Love

    What else can you do with love but give it away? That is the nature of love. Love does not contract, and turn in on itself. If it is love, then it is by nature inclusively extending.

    When you give a thing away, it is gone, and you no longer have it. But, it was not real to begin with, so you never did have it. Love is not like the things of this world. When you give or extend love, you do not lose that love. On the contrary, the more love you give, the more your being is filled with love. The more you give, the more you find that your cup runneth over.

    Love is not something that you can hold in your hand. It is not a thing that can be possessed by a body. Love is not form. It is content. Love is an action of your mind. It is an inclusive extension of the reality of you.

    Love is all there is. There is nothing else that you can give or receive. This action of the mind that we call love is what giving and receiving is.

    Bodies can be used to express love – to give without the motivation to get, and without being deceptive or manipulative. This should not be a cause for guilt. Love is a good thing.

    Sometimes, when you feel a stirring of love within you, you may feel that you must physically do something. If the object of your love is not physically present, you feel helpless and deprived. You have accepted the limitations of your body as a limit on love.

    Yet, this need not be. If you could forget the body for just one moment you could know the boundless love of minds that join beyond the limits of time and space. Love and loved ones are never lost.

    As the blocks to the awareness of loves presence are removed, you begin to experience love that is not limited by time, space and form. You may even begin to experience love that is not limited to a specific person or thing – a love that is in love with love itself.
    Love is all there is. God is all there is. God is Love. You are that. In eternity, all is One. If love is in your awareness, no matter what seems to have inspired it, then it is God’s love. It is God Himself that shines in your mind, and puts that twinkle in your eyes.

    When you are in love – when love is in your awareness, you feel the love of God within you. When love is in your awareness you are joyful, and the world is a beautiful place.


    The only way to attain free flow of energy is to let everything out,
    including all the negative consciousness that is held in the blocked
    energy of the auric field. This is way many artists are considered to
    be eccentric or to have unacceptable behaviour. They don’t live In a
    mask self of socially acceptable behavior.Many times the undefended expressions of
    creative people are considered by society to be outrageous or
    dangerous behavior. Most of the time such behaviour is not at all
    harmful but just breaks social rules that control people and maintain
    power over them. Breaking the rules brings fear to people because it
    initiates the transformation process and the dissolution of the mask,
    which leads to the uncovering of deep internal pain. What is not
    understood by many is that healing the uncovered pain leads to their
    personal light and power. The pain must be uncovered before it can be


  • Valentines Day!

    When you can play and love and laugh all at once – be playful and loving with another – nothing is more sacred, more eternal.

    When you are IN LOVE, you are fearless. You are drunk with joy and blissfully merged with another.

    This journey of Love begins within you.

    Love that springs from inside of you is the source of all of Creation – the source of Life.

    Love is cosmic – love is micro-cosmic.

    Both a smile and a galaxy of light can emit the SAME pulse of ecstatic joy.

    Love is always available to you. With another, you enter love slowly at first, then you go deeper and swim in the beautiful depths of you partner’s heart.

    In whatever way love presents itself to you, don’t miss out!

    EVERY relationship is a step up into higher conscious awareness – it can be a step towards another person or another experience – whichever it is does not matter.

    Every time you LOVE, you effortlessly create cosmic streams of light, you attract joy, you manifest wealth, bliss… ecstasy. During that moment in your life when you fall deeply in love, you take ALL of your big and small, gentle and powerful experiences of love and merge them into an ocean of bliss.

    Commit to love, always. Commit 100%.

    If you do not commit to love when it is available to you, it is dangerous.

    Available love is like a pregnant mother – the energy of love is already borne within you, it has been seeded, and to ignore it, to not use the energy means it will get stuck and inevitably disappear and die.

    IN 2015, our 8 Univern sal Year of Eternal Energy – Infinite, Abundant and Ecstatic Energy – we must allow love to flow into everything we do and not allow love to stagnate. We must enable love while maintaining our true essence.

    Take love as far as possible. Break all barriers. Take ANY opportunity to love!

    You never know how your love may help you go deeper, may help another go deeper, or how your love can help each one of you grow.

    TOGETHER you have a possibility of going deepe♥r than you could ever do alone.

    So be grateful to all who share the love journey with you.

    Remember, the only commitment is towards generating LOVE within you, and doing so grandly, ecstatically, completely, never for a moment holding anything back.

    That is how you merge with Eternity.

    That is how you see beyond the veil – into all realities and dimensions.

    That is how you fire up your infinite resources and come into your true source of Power.

                               Most importantly, Love every day into Joy – so you know you have loved at least once today!

  • & Aspect Clearing &

    Aspect clearing is great for people who don’t feel themselves. A question to ask yourself would be –  “Who am I if I am not myself”? Its possible to take on the aspects of other people. Often, and most commonly, it involves the people we are closest to in our lives. Have you ever felt sick or sad because a loved one is suffering? Have you ever heard yourself lash out in anger and think that you sound exactly like a particular family member? Aspect clearing will re-align you back to your essence.

  • Intuitive Channelling

    By tapping straight into the higher self we can help unravel blocks or receive messages that can help give direction and clarity to a situation!

  • Quotes of The Day

    Sometimes all you can do is let go, breath and trust the universe has your back. The rest will flow perfectly as it should. Just like magic!

    Believe in your own strength…it may even surprise you!

    Don’t hide your radiance. Reveal it and let it illuminate the world!