• NEW MOON &Winter Solstice! 21 December special day!

    The day and time to conjure some up manifesting magic. Use it for designing your new year’s intentions with unstoppable creation power!

    ***You must have crystal -clear intention + joyfull heart and mind*

    1.Connect with your spirit guides and Angels

    There is divine plan for your life. Your divine helpers are there to show you the way. They can provide invaluable healing for your past and insight about your future. Ask for their assistance. They are here for you…

    2. Release and honor the past

    You have so much to be proud of. As you say farewell to this year, take some time to acknowledge all the wonderful things you’ve done, the love you’ve shared, and the lives you have touched.

    3.Forgive yourself and others with love

    Perhaps you feel like other people have disappointed you, or maybe you feel you disappointed yourself. With every year, there will be things that we wanted to achieve that are left undone. Say a prayer to forgive anyone who has hurt you as you release this energy with love.

    4. Set soulful heartfelt intentions

    Within you lies the seeds of your destiny. Your heart will always guide you towards your purpose. Instead of setting goals that may bring you only outer rewards, ask yourself what would truly bring happiness. Spend some time writing down how would you want to feel, and create your intentions around that.


    Once you are clear about what you want, allow yourself to feel the joy experiencing it. Ask your wonderful guides and angels to clear away any obstacles in your path, and use your imagination to feel yourself experiencing your ideal life. With gratitude, thank the Universe for making it so*

    Source: Kari Samuels – Happiness Coach