• Why Meditate?

    Why do we meditate. We meditate because this world of ours has not been able to fulfil us. Take peace, for example. The so-called peace that we feel in our day-to-day life is five minutes of peace after ten hours of anxiety, worry and frustration. All the time we are at the mercy of the negative forces that are all around us -jealousy, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and despair.

    These forces are like monkeys. When they get tired of biting us and take rest for a few minutes, then we say that we are enjoying peace. But this is not peace at all, and the next moment they will attack us again.

    Its only through meditation that we can get lasting peace, divine peace. In the morning if we have meditated soulfully and received peace for only one minute, that one minute of peace will permeate our whole day. And when we have meditation of the highest order, then we get really abiding peace, light and delight. We need meditation because we want to grow in light and fulfil ourselves in light. If this is our aspiration, if this is our thirst, then meditation is the only way.

    If we feel that we are satisfied with what we have and what we are, then there is no need for us to enter into the field of meditation. The reason we enter into meditation is because we have an inner hunger. We feel that within us there is something luminous, something vast, something divine. We feel that we need this thing very badly, only right now we dont have access to it. So our hunger comes from our spiritual need.

    If we enter into the life of meditation in order to escape from the world and forget our sufferings, then we are doing it for the wrong reason. If we enter into spiritual life cause of outer frustration or dissatisfaction, then we may not remain in the spiritual life. Today I have failed to satisfy my desires: so I am dissatisfied with the world. But tomorrow I will say, ” let me try again. Perhaps this time I will get satisfaction” But after a while, we will see that the desire-life will never satisfy us.

    We will realize that we came from the Vast and will want to enter into the infinite Vast. This is aspiration

    Spirituality cannot be achieved by pulling or pushing. We cannot pull down spiritual Light by hook or by crook. Only when it comes down on its own, on the strength of our aspiration, we will be able to receive it. Otherwise, the light will descend beyond our capacity or receptivity, and our vessel will break.

    How do we receive this Light from above? How do we expand our consciousness so that our receptivity will increase? The answer is meditation. Meditation does not mean sitting quietly for 5 or 10 minutes. It requires conscious effort. The mind has to be made calm and quiet; at the same time it has to be viligant so as not allow any distracting thoughts or desires to enter.

    When we can make the mind calm and quiet, we will feel that a new creation is dawning inside us. When the mind is vacant and tranquil and our whole existence becomes an empty vessel, our inner being can invoke infinite Peace, Light and Bliss to enter into vessel and fill it. This is meditation.

    If you have achieved something in your meditation, your friends and colleagues are bound to see something pleasing, soothing, beautiful, enlightening and illumining in you. Peace, Light and Bliss have enter into you through your soul, and from the soul they have entered into your physical consciousness. The higher and deeper your meditation and the more you have recieved, the more your face and outer being will radiate and glow. After you have finished meditating, just go and see yourself in the mirror and you will see the difference between what you are now and what you were an hour ago. This obvious physical difference is due to the fact that your physical consciousness is manifesting the light from your soul.

    Even as you walk along the street, you will be spreading this light. Its like a perfume that you keep right inside you. You are not actually using it. You are only keeping it, but its offering its fragrance. At that time, the world of aspiration and even the world of suffering, depression and despair will definately see something in you. And it will try to follow you – sometimes with reluctance, sometimes with joy, sometimes with greed…

    From The Writtings of Sri Chinmoy

  • New month & New Start – The Spark of Life

    ” My soul, is in charge of my glowing deeds.

    My heart is in charge of my soaring feelings.

    My mind is in charge of my transforming thoughts.

    My vital is in charge of my flowing energy.

    My body is in charge of my striving life.”

    Consciousness is the spark of life that unites each one of us with the universal life. Without consciousness, everything is a barren desert. When we enter into a dark place, we take a flashlight to see where we are going. If we want to know about our unlit life, we have to take the help of consciousness.

    Consciousness is like a ladder. You can go up and down the various rungs. If you can meditate deeply, each plane of consciousness will present itself before you. The first rung is physical body. The second rung is the vital. The vital is a term used in Indian philosophy. It embodies emotional, aggressive, and dynamic qualities. The third rung is the mind. Above the mind is the spiritual heart. Its in the spiritual heart that one feels the” quickening” of the soul. The soul knows no birth, no decay, no death. Its eternal. Its immortal.

    Before taking human incarnation, the soul gets an inner message about its divine purpose on earth. Its fully conscious of its mission. But during our lifetime, the workings of the physical mind may sometimes cover up the divine inspiration of the soul and its true purpose. Then the mission of the soul cannot come forward. Only if we aspire with the mind, heart, and soul can we learn the purpose of our existence here on earth.

    From the writings of Sri Chinmoy


    If you feel fear move through it. Express it, feel it, allow it. Interestingly, the oldest meaning of the word fear signifies to pass through, so if you follow the meaning, you will understand that is part of your growth process to move through the fear instead of withdrawing at the very point at which the fear manifests itself. When you move through the fear, you will experience a release of blocked energy, followed by enhanced pleasure. Then you will realize that fear is a good teacher.

    I don’t mean by this approach that you have disregard your limits however if you come to a place where you feel that the challenge is too great, trust yourself and break off the thing that you doing gracefully.

    Margo Anand 

  • LOVE love love…TWIN FLAMES

    Its common to earthy lives and circumstances to radically alter when the Twin Flames need to come together. In order to break open to Spirit, to burst the Heart and The Higher Heart open to extremely high frequencies of light, the individuals must both undergo significant life changes and the breaking down of all or much of the existing structures. This process sometimes happens at the same time for twinflames; often its seen that one Twin undergoes the breakdown and awakening pattern first, and the other one follows later.

    Its very common for one Twin to be holding more concentrated and distilled forms of Light in the energy bodies before the other one awakens to Spirit. Therefore, is necessary for the Twin that is more developed spiritually (do not be tempted to let your ego make a judgment about this) to provide a directional torchlight for the other one.

    Your Twin may need you to be sending light, faith and strength to them right now. Its a challenging experience  for those Twins who do not understand quite what is happening to them as they prepared to have their life turned upside down through this Divine Connection. It most likely will threaten all their ideas about who they are, who they love, what they are doing in their lives, why they are here and who they are supposed to be with.

    Spirit is in the process of sending potent rays of awakening light to many previously unconscious, unawakened Twins who are ready to reunite. Many are being shocked and almost electrified into the process. Nothing will make sense for these individuals for some time to come, because they are receiving awakening  codes and being prepared for living their Spiritual….

    If you would like to read more go to : http://oneluckyducknd.tumblr.com/


    Here we are, most likely feeling the strong swirling energies of the eclipses. Time to take it all in, ground into Mother Earth and trust that the energies we are feeling are our very own personal evolutionary spirals activating and undulating us toward our next level expression and embodiment.
    We must trust in this movement as it shakes open our hearts and helps to dislodge the places that have been stuck. We must ask the deeper questions so we can uncover the root hurt/idea/perception/ unmet need that has kept us bound in a reactionary pattern. 
    Time to unravel our own myth, untangle the knots and open our heart to all the infinite possibilities that exist and all the infinite love and magic that makes All of Creation so vibrantly alive.
    “A lunar eclipse is a time of mystery and magic, revealing the hidden face of who we are and what we do.
    “It offers a precious opportunity to see more deeply into the consequences of how we live our lives…”
    “In part, the moon relates to childhood, when we’re at our most vulnerable: dependent on nurturing protection and wise encouragement.
    “A lunar eclipse may therefore bring to the fore memories, thoughts and feelings from early life, illuminating how such experience has shaped us…”
    “Whatever our childhood experience, it may become a defining issue at the time of a lunar eclipse as we reflect on all that made us who we are…”
    “The unconscious may speak loudly too, when ordinarily we ignore its feathery touch.
    “If so, it is time to recognize the parts of ourselves we’ve banished into darkness, refusing to acknowledge them out of denial and fear.
    “Unsettling though these experiences can be, they set the scene for greater emotional freedom as we learn to accept thoughts, feelings and memories exactly as they are. This is the only way to step fully into the present as the moon waxes once more towards full, and what is often a solar eclipse two weeks later.
    “As such, a lunar eclipse signals the need to be gentle with each other and ourselves. To recognize that the human life can be intensely challenging and we can help ease some of that angst simply by the ways we treat each other.
    “Reaching out the hand of friendship to someone in pain may become the difference between life and death. A smile and quick chat in the checkout queue could make the day for someone living in lonely isolation… all can contribute to our own well-being amidst the myriad pressures we face in the modern day.
    “A lunar eclipse reminds us just how vital it is to attend to our inner world, our emotional life, to listen to the storm within, not push it down in the hope it will eventually go away. 
    “It won’t. For that storm is you and me and everybody: feelings and emotions passed down through the ages like a baton in a relay, denied and ignored, repressed and avoided, simply wanting and waiting to be heard.
    “Things previously confused and confusing are now made clear. But they must be further obscured before clarity is born.
    “In the darkness of this lunar eclipse we may encounter a sense of dread or despair, as if the light threatens never to return. But these moments will be brief and simply set the scene for the coming illumination of truths previously hidden in the shadows.
    “This is not arcane knowledge accessible only to the ‘chosen few’ but instead an everyday revelation that makes sense of things we feared we’d never understand.
    “This eclipse comes with a robust sense of self, able to withstand with surprising fortitude life’s challenges, enjoying a healthy sense of detachment from the seductive dramas of life.
    “Just when we thought we may be wrestling with familiar issues for evermore, something lifts and the intensity of recent months gives way to a wider perspective allowing greater hope, choice and encouragement…”
    “The payment to be made does not leave us empty and depleted but is, instead, a willingness to make this wisdom our own and allow it to transform our life into a vital, breathing testament to truths revealed.”
    “Eclipses can generate  an awareness of something larger, more powerful running the show…
    “Eclipses have the power to poke holes in our ego/identity, revealing things deep within us that we’ve been avoiding or totally unaware of.
    “Syncing up with Mercury’s retrograde cycle, this eclipse season is powerful and dynamic in terms of changing our focus, direction, priorities, and perceptions.
    “Eclipses also reverberate through time. They connect us to the past and future in deep, encompassing ways.
    “Whatever we’re currently dealing with has its origins long before this moment and will have consequences for months in the future.
    “Eclipses are not isolated events, but a long process of change and reversal of circumstances.
    “Since this is a south nodal, lunar eclipse in tropical Aquarius, we are working on releasing, moving on, and then stepping more fully into the future after the solar eclipse on Aug 21.
    “That means that the themes you’ll be dealing with during this lunar eclipse will be issues from the past: moving beyond stagnant attitudes, habits, and perceptions that are no longer useful.
    “In the two weeks between this lunar eclipse and the following Aug 21 solar eclipse, we’re in a process of archetypal death…”
    “And since eclipses are simply more powerful New or Full Moons, after this Full Moon, we’re heading for a more pronounced death/rebirth at the New Moon/solar eclipse.
    “The shadow of Aquarius contains feelings of alienation, social rejection… It can reveal a victim consciousness due to social exclusion, an attitude that is essentially antisocial (against maintaining or creating cohesion and peace) or unconsciously rebellious (rebel without a cause).
    “Look to see how this has shown up in your life, and how these patterns have been in the background somewhere… 
    “That will relate to the need to overcome fear of rejection and step into our creative and expressive power.
    “Or it can relate to the need to overcome intentional isolation and righteousness into a more active participation in the life drama. Where have you been a spectator in your life?
    “Have you withheld your gifts out of fear that others would judge, persecute, or seek to devalue them? Or have you been mindlessly rebelling due to an inability to accept your uniqueness thereby suppressing your true individuality?
    “Obviously find not every eclipse will impact everyone the same (or much at all)… 
    “With Jupiter making a helpful and dominating trine, it blesses this lunar eclipse and offers help, assistance, and support when we need it most.”
    Here is the energy for reform and innovation with truly inspired and original, inventive solutions to tangled situations
    “Here too is the urge towards revolutionizing and moving forward in all areas of social change, social responsibility, and standing up for the society you want to live in…”
    “Aquarius owes its brilliance and eccentricity as well as its rebellious nature to its ruler Uranus – the Awakener, the Observer, The Exile. 
    “Uranus helps us realize the future – see it, as well as simultaneously create it…
    “Well, that’s what we’re called on to do now- bring the future we want down to the Earth plane.
    “We can:
    -Revolutionize without resisting – directing strong emotional responses through our integrity and balanced judgment in this polarized world we find ourselves in.
    Create in the cosmic realms, the Quantum field, the invisible worlds, the astral and let it manifest through you into the physical world (without attachment to how it gets created – leave that to Spirit….)
    -Innovate pushing the edge/boundaries of what you have done before or intuited before.
    -Cooperate banding together with the like-minded and using the power of the group and the collective to wield some real power for change.  Joy and healing live there – being with others and ending separation.
    “The eclipse window in Leo is pushing us across the bridge of ego, pushing breakdown, pushing crisis, pushing the shadow up to be heard, seen and witnessed. 
    “Uranus doesn’t care about your discomfort.  It sees into the long game, the future and all that can be gained by a shattering realization or crisis.”

    Article from mysticmamma.com if u wish to read more

  • Meditation with Lisa in Regent’s Park 10.07.2017 London

  • DO IT OR NOT DO IT ! NEW YORK example in it


    To be a modern-day renaissance man or woman

    Whenever friends visit my hometown, New York City, I warn them “Never ask anyone driving in a subway for directions” – Just because you will never get where you going!

    Most Big Apple subway riders know only 2 things about the subway: where they get on and where they get off. They know nothing about rest of the system.

    Most people are like NYC strap-hangers when it comes to their hobbies and interests. They know their own pastimes, but all others are like unvisited stations..

    My unmarried friend Rita has a bad case of bowler’s thumb. Every Wed night she is bowling up a storm with her friends. She is forever discussing her scores, her averages, and her high game. Another single friend is into white-water rafting. He talks endlessly with his paddling friends about which rivers he’s run, which outfitters he’s gone with, and which class rapids he prefers. Thinking my two single friends might hit it off, I introduced Walter to Rita&mention their respective passions….During the deafening silence, I remember thinking, if Rita had run just one river, If Walter had bowled just one game, their lives might be different now. Conversation could have flowed, and who knows what else might have flowered.”


    This technique is salvation from such disappointing encounters. It will transform you into a modern-day Renaissance man or woman who comfortably can discuss a variety of interests.

    Scramble therapy is, quite simply, scrambling up your life and participating in an activity you’d never think of indulging in. Just one of every 4 weekends, do something  totally out of your pattern. Go kayaking, if you normally play tennis this weekend. Go fly a kite! Why? Because it will give you conversational fodder for the rest of your life. From that weekend on you will sound like an islander with all the hikers, stamp collectors, ballooners, birders, billiards players, kayakers, and kitists you ever meet. Just by doing their activity once.

    You will never be at a loss again when the subject of extracurricular interest comes up – which it always does.

  • 1 raz po polsku! Alfa Beta Theta a medytacja :)

    Fale mózgowe dzielimy na :

    Fale gamma – najszybsze; czesto wystepuja w czasie reakcji na mocne bodzce.

    Fale beta – szybkie, charakterystyczne dla naszej codziennej aktywnosci; pojawiaja sie wskutek stresu w formie negatywnej, czyli niepokoju, badz pozytywnej, jak na przyklad podekscytowania, w stanach podwyzszonej czujnosci lub koncentracji, lub wtedy, gdy jestesmy szczesliwi i zadowoleni.

    Fale alfa – pojawiajace sie w stanie pozbawionej napiecia uwagi; dominuja, kiedy myslimy bezobrazowo, pograzamy sie w zadumie lub jestesmy rozluznieni i gleboko zrelaksowani. Zmniejszaja one swa czestotliwosc, gdy zapadamy w sen. Towarzysza nam w pierwszych fazach medytacji – kiedy koncentrujemy sie na oddechu lub na mantrze.

    Fale theta – rzadko pojawiajace sie w normalnych stanach czuwania. Charakterystyczne dla pracy naszego mózgu, kiedy tracimy swiadomosc w momencie zasypiania. Fale te moga wystepowac równiez w czasie marzen na jawie i przy czynnosciach wymagajacych wysilku intelektualnego, pozbawionego napiecia.

    Fale delta – charakterystyczne dla bardzo glebokiego snu.

    W czasie badan przeprowadzanych w Menninger Foundation dowiedziono, ze przejscie od fal beta do fal alfa oraz potem do fal theta odpowiada przechodzeniu na wyzsze poziomy swiadomosci w czasie medytacji. Tak wiec – mimo iz poglebianie kolejnych etapów medytacji prowadzi do wzrostu swiadomosci, kontroli i zjednoczenia – charakteryzuje sie takze coraz mniejszym pobudzeniem naszego centralnego systemu nerwowego. Im wiec wyzsza swiadomosc w medytacji, tym mniejsza aktywnosc naszego mózgu. Przeklada sie to bezposrednio na zmniejszenie niepokoju u medytujacych. Procesowi temu towarzyszy ciag reakcji fizjologicznych, takich jak spowolnienie oddechu i brak potliwosci. Mimo zuzycia przez nasz organizm mniejszej ilosci tlenu, ilosc odpadów metabolicznych w naszej krwi spada, co swiadczy o wiekszej wydajnosci oddechowej.

    Nauka takze dowiodla, ze medytacja stymuluje specyficzne reakcje chemiczne przebiegajace w mózgu. Aktywnosc neuroprzekazników krazacych pomiedzy neuronami staje sie bardziej efektywna, co jest prosta droga do usprawnienia naszego umyslu.

    Medytacja rodzi subtelne, dlugofalowe efekty. Osoby praktykujace medytacje wykazuja w badaniach wieksza integracje we wszystkich aspektach codziennego zycia: zmniejszenie niepokojów i lepsze radzenie sobie ze stresem, zmniejszenie spozycia uzywek, wieksze zrozumienie, samoakceptacje, poczucie sensu i radosc zycia.

    Medycyna alopatyczna potwierdza takze korzystny wplyw medytacji na zdrowie. Medytacja obniza cisnienie krwi i powoduje zmniejszenie u osób medytujacych zagrozenia chorobami sercowo-naczyniowymi. Sprzyja remisji arteriosklerozy oraz dusznicy bolesnej i ma wplyw na zmniejszenie poziomu cholesterolu. Zapewnia nam tez mniejszy poziom hormonów stresu we krwi. Usprawnia cala gospodarke hormonalna.

    zrodlo – internet

  • Movement, Loads, And your DNA

    “Allow me to share with you my favorite tree- mechanic factoid: Trees are shaped by the wind. Seriously. I mean,tree genes specify the primary shape and color and texture of tree. These genetically determined outcomes help a biologist classify a tree as a redwood or a manzanita,etc. – but its is the movement of a tree, specifically the all-day, every-day stimulation created by wind, that dictates the girth of a tree’s trunk and branches as well as how often and at what angles a tree branches. Doesn’t that just blow you away? ( What I find most interesting about this is, how does a tree store this mechanical input? Trees grow so high and for so long, they have to store the mechanical information in a way that allows future growth to capitalize on mechanical input. WHERE IS THE TREE’S BRAIN?


    After the plant- mechanics-and-genes refreshment break, lets talk people and genes. If you attended high school in the last hundred years, you were probably presented with a cellular model that basically states that a cell’s nucleus contains all the information necessary for cellular replication, with the genetic information (DNA) determining a cell’s behaviour. Thusly the state of every tissue( made up of cells) and every organ ( made up from tissues) and every system (made up of these organs) is dictated by our genes.

    But as the trees have just shown us, genes are not that simple. Scientists have observed that a person simply having a particular gene doesnt automatically create a particular outcome…The fact that identical genes can behave differently depending on environment has led to an emerging field of study called epigenetics, a branch of biology studying how a cell’s environment can affect the behaviour of the cell itself.

    A gene is a specific sequence of DNA on a single chromosome that encodes a particular product. Many people associate genes with the concept of pre-determination, and will use these terms interchangeably, as in,” The doctor said my bad knees were genetic,” or ” Research shows that cardiovascular disease is genetic.” But using the term genetic in this way is at best outdated and at worst totally paralyzing to the person with the issue.

    It would be more accurate to think about genes as “range- setters” of an outcome. Your genetic constitution is not a picture of how you going to look now and in the future. Rather, your genetic makeup is like one of those disks you put in a View -Master – a plethora of potential outcomes for you to select by toggling on the View- Master’s lever.



    Source : Move Your DNA Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement – Katy Bowman, M.S.

    Photography by Guy Corbishley

  • Twin Flames – Start 2017 with LOVE

    Stage I – Recognition & Temporary Spiritual Awakening:

    • Both twins recognize one another at the soul level and feel as if they have met before. Synchronous events surround the union….
    • The heart chakras open and both souls quickly merge into a third unified energy. Both twins experience an acceleration of spiritual understanding

    The Purpose of the Recognition& Temorary Awekening Stage:

    To activate the memory of each soul’s mission& to help awaken each twin to higher levels of consciousness


    • The initial temporary spiritual awakening (illumination) fades. The ego (“little self”) begins to re-emerge…
    • One or both twins may attempt to fit the relationship into the “old model” of love, couplehood and relationship as it relates to their ego desires and learned belief system…
    • Inner conflict arises. Twins ruminate on what they were taught to believe their beloved “should be” and how relationship are supposed to serve them…
    • Both twins feel simultaneously inspired and toppled by the power of the union…
    • Doubts creep in, making one or both twins begin to view their beloved criticallyor suspiciously

    The Purpose of the Testing Stage:

    To cause outdated mental concepts about relationship to rise to the surface to be cleared


    • The crisis of the twin is realizing they must either reject their egoic beliefs about love relationships or reject their beloved
    • Having to shed “little self” or identity-based beliefs and desires to embrace a higher expression of Love can lead to stubborness and anxiety…
    • Fear can take hold, triggering many habitual dysfunctional emotional patterns. In staying present with the patterns, they can be witnessed and released…
    • Despite fears, both twins naturally come together in cycles for bonding, confession, forgiveness& lovemaking. These rituals cement higher levels of conciousness into the energy fields of both twins….

    The Purpose of Crisis Stage:

    To provide opportunities for the healing and maturing of the mental& emotional bodies


    • The human ego naturally fears annihilation in the face of the divine unified consciousness encoded inside the Twin Flame union…
    • The pain body rises up and old ego survival mechanisms or “bottom of the barrel” emotional and mental patterns like defiance, resistance, manipulation, anger, punishing & judgment arise
    • One or both twins become emotionally & mentally flooded with deep pain from what feels like soul-level rejection and abandonment
    • The unbearable soul-level pain leads one or both twins to withdraw physically and block communication in fear &futility. One or both twins may also unsuccessfully try to recreate the original unified harmony

    The Purpose of The Runner Dynamic :

    To propel both individuals toward God for healing and maturation of the spiritual body

    Note: The temptation to engage in ego battle or withdrawal is very seductive and difficult for many to resist, which is why many twins never reach Surrender, Radiance or Harmony

    Remember, there is no room for judgment in twin soul pairings. Each soul learns much from walking its own path and choosing through its own will. Your non-attached loving thoughts will be felt by your beloved in the subconscious, keeping them strong.


    • The direction and outcome of reletionship is surrendered to God in full faith and trust that the union is under divine protection…
    • Its accepted that what is best and destined for the final physical harmonizing will transpire in its own time. (Both twins must reach illumination in order to harmonize in the physical)….
    • The ” runner” twin is allowed the space and freedom to choose to evolve at their own pace in their own way…
    • At this stage, the frequency of compassion returns and maintains itself…
    • The surrendered twin holds a heart space for their beloved while fully exploring life on the way to becoming illuminated human…
    • This may be a time of channeling unconditional love into art, music, writting, teaching, active service or some other creative outlet…

    Purpose of a Surrender Stage

    To help each soul release the ego, develop regular communication with God & demonstrate their full trust in God to do what is best and when


    • The ego or “little self” dies and the God-force energy takes over the body…
    • This leads to a complete spiritual awakening, arriving at one’s fully awakened divinity
    • This is the stage of radiating Divine Love rather than seeking romantic love…
    • At this stage, the surrendered twin’s emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies arrive at full maturity. New creativity and healing abilities arise, which are put in service to assist others.

    Purpose of the Radiance Stage:

    To establish an outward flow of divine love through one’s body and works, which vibrates at a level that uplifts humanity


    • By this stage,both twins have awakened. They come together in the physical to assimilate their newly evolved energies, flowing into the new dynamic of their unified potential…
    • Both twins integrate fully into the third energy of unconditional love in a way that influences others towards their own heart opening

    Purpose of the Harmonizing Stage:

    To fulfill the intended mission of the Twin Flame union

    Twin Flame reletionship come into your life to help mold you to embody the vibration of unconditional love!

    Source : profoundhealingforsensitives.com